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Highlight Key Type Nickname Map X Y Z Notes Notable Players
Village (#1) - # 0011 -251 67 -1420 Jimmy & Locke found this village. Some exporation map villagers [white], as well as green and brown. Andy has set up shop inside one of the houses. Jimmy, Locke, amcallis
Village (#2) - # 0194 ??? ??? ??? Jimmy found this village. Jimmy
Village (#3) - # 0044 ??? ??? ??? Jimmy found this village. Jimmy
Village (#4) - # 0232 ??? ??? ??? Star Oak found this village and traded multiple paper to a villager to level him up quite a bit. Star Oak
Village (#5) - # 0244 ??? ??? ??? Amcallis found this village. amcallis
Village (#6) - # 0279 ??? ??? ??? Captain Jack Steele found this village and used it to pass the night. The cave underneath was explored and was swarming with mobs, but has since been cleared out. Captain Jack Steele
Village (#7) - # 0285 ??? ??? ??? Captain Jack Steele stumbled by this village mapping the area. It has not been explored. Captain Jack Steele
Group Base (#1) - # 0208 ??? ??? ??? Alan & Brian's 1st Base.
Contains mine, tunnel, and various random items. Nothing of note.
Alan_Pauley, Illumina05
Group Base (#2) Dirt Hut # 0001 -323 67 -193 Alan & Brian's 2nd Base.
Contains mine, rail to the mountain, tunnel to Alan & Brian's 1st base, as well as LOTS of items. Brian created a garden which is very well stocked, as well as penned up various animals. Alan created a cow slaughter system and a map wall just north of camp.
Jimmy, Ariel, Locke
Group Base (#3) The Cursed Village # 0313 ??? ??? ??? Alan & Brian's 3rd Base.
Was short lived and was a village commandeered in the middle of the ocean off shore. Doesn't contain much except for various items found in their 1-2 day stay. All villagers dead/missing
Gerad, Ariel
Group Base (#4) Roadkill # 0090 ??? ??? ??? Alan & Brian's 4th Base.
A VERY well-stocked camp with nearly all animals, gardening, enchanting, anvil, fishing, mining, slimes, rails, mob farmer, Nether portal, etc.. Brian and Alan were here for weeks until they entered the nether, where everything changed...
Clyde, Phteven
Group Base (#5) NE Outpost (A New Hope) # 0162 ??? ??? ??? Alan & Brian's 5th Base.
Was meant to be the start of something new, but in an effort to create a nether portal as a shortcut to the mainland, they ended up getting lost in the nether. Eventually made their way back and connected nether portals (and railed them). Fairly minimal with the basics, a sugar cane farmer, and a music disc farmer (though fairly manual to operate).
Star Oak, Clyde
Group Base (#6) The Lost Portal # 0252 ??? ??? ??? Alan & Brian's 6th Base.
Brian and Alan came out of the nether FAR away from our main island. This location is not connected to the main map. It has many things, some of which include a nether portal (obviously), a water temple, and a skeleton and spider spawner/exp farmer.
Star Oak, Clyde
Base (#1)
Temporary Solace # 0107 ??? ??? ??? Alan's 1st Base.
Did not have much, mostly was a rest stop while harvesting trees (birch)
Base (#2)
Sugar Cane Swamp # 0055 ??? ??? ??? Alan's 2nd Base
Found in a swamp land, Alan created a sizeable sugar cane farm and a large wooden platform on stilts, with a crows nest for 360 degree viewing. Saldy he died mid-way through construction to an endermen, so it was never completed and left abandoned. No one ever met this player alive...
Base (#3)
Sugar Cane Mountain # 0043 ??? ??? ??? Alan's 3rd Base.
Contains mine in the mountain, as well as a vast sugar cane farm. Also has 1 alpaca east of sugar cane farm.
Base (#4)
Mountain of Solitude (Flower Base) # 0110 ??? ??? ??? Alan's 4th Base.
Having changed her name from Ariel to Star Oak, she wandered into this cave and converted it into a base with a secret entrance that goes deeper. Was meant as a place of solitude to contemplate all of her friends dying and feeling cursed. Additionally created a watch tower to keep an eye on Clyde, who was, at the time, an uninvited guest.
Star Oak
Base (#5)
Floating Island # 0162 ??? ??? ??? Alan's 5th Base.
This was created shortly after pillaging a water temple with Clyde. Having been struggling to breathe for so long, she decided she needed to be as far from the ocean as possible. Note that if you can't find a way up, it means you are not welcome. There is an entrance only if she wants there to be one...RUDE!
Star Oak
Base (#6)
Shipwrecked # 0274 ??? ??? ??? Alan's 6th Base.
Captain Jack Steele became shipwrecked here and made a home using the dark oak lumber from his ship and planted a few trees to live off the land. Unfortunately the land was fairly barren under the soil and no ore was found for miles. He dug for days north and eventually west where he finally found ore and escaped the curse of the SW of the island.
Captain Jack Steele
Base (#1)
Meditation Temple (Flower Base) # 0110 ??? ??? ??? Brian's 1st Base.
This was created by Brian when he was searching for Star Oak. Having lost his companion Phteven and knowing about Star Oak by Locke (Ariel as he had know her), Brian went searching and having stumbled across Star Oak's camp, set up a place alongside it. He considers this his meditation space with a very nice lookout. Additionally it has pet dogs, livestock, an enchantment table, and other odds and ends (including a secret entrance from map #0197 (shhhh...don't tell!)
Base (#2)
Underwater Base # 0250 ??? ??? ??? Brian's 2nd Base.
This was created shortly after pillaging a water temple with Star Oak. As a result, most of the materials used to make this base are of the same construct. Besides for needing a deep breath to reach it, take care, as he's been known to tinker with large explosives (read: End Crystals)
Base (#1)
- # 0052 ??? ??? ??? Andy's 1st Base.
This was created by Andy as a location separate from the group, but close enough should he need assistance. It was created in a mountain and carves to the other side. It contains the bear essentials and also contains a mine below. Additionally, a few bridges were constructed/modified to allow safe passage through the northern river.
Base (#2)
- # 0001 ??? ??? ??? Andy's 2nd Base.
Little is known of this location, as no one ever saw Andy in it, as his stay was shortlived. It contains a multitude of cows and wheat, as well as basic needs, but not much else (not even a roof).
Base (#1)
- # 0071 ??? ??? ??? Catielle's 1st Base.
Contains lots of fishing, animals, and a mine underneath.
Builds (#1)
The Mountain Outpost # 0013 ??? ??? ??? Did not have much but was meant to be the upgrade to Alan & Brian's 2nd group base. It has a very sizeable outlook and was meant to house all items with a very fancy sorting system. Additionally, it has a mine rail the connects to group base #2. Additionally it containsa a nether portal Cringely
Builds (#2)
The Map Wall # 0013 ??? ??? ??? This is the map wall that has gone under several revisions and is still maintained and modified to this day. Its use is not as needed due to this website, but it was the foundation and will always be remembered and cherished for the guidance and clarity it provided. Cringely, Jimmy, and Ariel, PaBlanc's spirit, Clyde
Builds (#3)
The Life & Death Monument # 0013 ??? ??? ??? This was meant to be a tower that tracked the death of each player. Ironically Cringely died creating it. It was finished by Cringely's ghost, but was ultimately scrapped due to the miscalculations in math and poor foresight for how it would be implemented. The idea still exists, but will be revamped to be a horizontal monument in the sky. No one has taken on the task quite yet... Cringely
Builds (#4)
Unfinished Stronghold # 0013 ??? ??? ??? This was meant to be a lookout tower. The base was constructed but before the tower could be constructed, Jimmy died, killing the project... Jimmy
Builds (#5)
Birth of the Rail System # 0090 ??? ??? ??? This was the first attempt at creating a rail system that would be inter-continental. It died with Phteven, but the story of it lives on with Clyde. Likely he will tell others and this project will one day be completed. Phteven, Clyde
Builds (#6)
Skeleton Spawner/Exp Farmer # 0253 ??? ??? ??? This was the first exp farmer and currently is the best. It allows the user to remove the redstone to farm arrows and bones as well. Star Oak
Builds (#7)
Spider Spawner/Exp Farmer # 0252 ??? ??? ??? This was the second exp farmer. There is a ladder that allows passage below to items or a back passage for fighting the spiders for exp and spider eyes. Star Oak
Builds (#8)
Automatic Sugar Cane Farmer # 0161 ??? ??? ??? This sugar cane farm is modest (read: small) but it requires no work to harvest. Just collects as they are ready (misses random sugar cane, but free is free. Can't beat that. Some free sugar cane is better than no free sugar cane! Star Oak
Builds (#9)
Juke Box Music Disc Farm # 0160 ??? ??? ??? Funnels creepers into a skeleton archer gauntlet in order to farm music discs. Please take care when using, as it's fairly easy to have a misstep and have the entire thing blow up (whch happened to Star Oak about 10+ times while working out the kinks...) Star Oak
Builds (#10)
Shipwreck # 0274 ??? ??? ??? The ship (S.S. Kalessi) that carried Captain Jack Steele to this island. It is nothing more than a shell of its former glory. Captain Jack Steele
Builds (#11)
Lighthouse # 0274 ??? ??? ??? Captain Jack Steele built a light house in hopes of saving others from becoming shipwrecked like he was, as well as to be a beacon to others that he is here. An S.O.S. if you will. Captain Jack Steele
Builds (#12)
Face Monument # 0288 ??? ??? ??? Created randomly by Ariel, she found herself walking by and two very tall and smooth pillars stood out, so she stopped her journey, carved up some stairs within one, and built a monument at the top - a large face, as well as signed with the letter "A" for Ariel. Ariel
Cave (#1) The Desert Cave # 0208 ??? ??? ??? This cave was initially discovered by Brian and Alan joined him on his adventure. All went well until they left to clear out their inventory. They found themselves confronted with a witch. Brian suggested they run, Alan suggested they stay an fight. Unfortunately Brian was long gone when Alan decided this, very ill equippped, and perished. The cave has never been revisited except to exact revenge (a failed attempt by Brian) Alan_Pauley, Illumina05
Cave (#2) The Village Cave # 0011 ??? ??? ??? This cave was initially discovered by Alan & Brian and later discovered by Andy. It served all of us very well as we pillaged the precious ore from within. Contains mineshaft. Jimmy, Locke, amcallis
Cave (#3) - [Not Mapped yet] ??? ??? ??? This cave was initially discovered by Alan & Brian and is mostly left undiscovered. It was later rediscovered as it connected to Cave #3, found in the mines near the roadkill base. Contains mineshaft. Clyde, Phteven
Cave (#4) - # 0091 ??? ??? ??? This cave was initially discovered by Alan while working on the Birth of the Rail System. It was explored heavily but still has much left to explore. It was later discovered that this connects to Cave #2. Contains mineshaft. Clyde, Phteven
Nether Portal (#1) - # 0090 ??? ??? ??? The first nether portal was constructed by Clyde and Phteven at the roadkill camp. A connection between this portal and portal #2 would later be made with the help of Catielle, Clyde, and Star Oak. Teleports directly into a stronghold. Clyde, Phteven
Nether Portal (#2) - # 0049 ??? ??? ??? The second nether portal was constructed by Clyde, Star Oak, and Catielle at the mountain camp. A connection between this portal and portal #1 was discovered shortly after. Connects to a nearby stronghold and blaze spawner. Clyde, Star Oak, Catielle
Nether Portal (#3) - # 0162 ??? ??? ??? The third nether portal was constructed by Clyde and Star Oak as a means of finding a shortcut to main camp. A Connection was made to portal #2 by Brian and Alan. Clyde, Star Oak
Nether Portal (#4) - # 0254 ??? ??? ??? The fourth nether portal was constructed by Clyde and Star Oak as a means of escaping the nether world, as they found themselves lost and ready for reprieve. This portal is not connected to the main map and appears far northwest of base camp. There is a connection to portal #3. Clyde, Star Oak
Nether Portal (#5) - [Not Mapped yet] ??? ??? ??? The fifth nether portal was constructed by Clyde. After losing his friend Star Oak, Clyde set off to get himself lost in the Nether. As if she were still with him, he popped out in the middle of the ocean, similar to their first real adventure together. Clyde
Nether Portal (#6) - [Not Mapped yet] ??? ??? ??? The sixth nether portal was constructed by Clyde. Trying to find land from portal #5, Clyde came across a village in the middle of the ocean. He set a portal here for easier access and travel. Clyde
Nether Portal (#7) - # 0303 ??? ??? ??? The seventh nether portal was constructed by Captain Jack Steele as a means of finding others. He ended up finding the 1st nether portal (Roadkill) and ultimately everyone else as a result of its network. Captain Jack Steele
Nether Portal (#8) - # 0273 ??? ??? ??? The eighth nether portal was constructed by Captain Jack Steele as a means to connect to portal #7 but namely as a means of being a shortcut to avoid the long barren mine. Captain Jack Steele
Grave (#1) - # 0208 ??? ??? ??? The first "official" death on our server. Alan died tried to take on a witch rather than fleeing. He was ill-equipped and tired after pilfering Cave #1. Brian collected his things, buried his body and attempted to kill the witch to exact revenge (a failed attempt). Alan_Pauley
Grave (#2) - # 0208 ??? ??? ??? The second "official" death on our server. Brian attempted to kill the witch that minutes earlier had slain Alan. Things went well until a rogue arrow pierced his flesh and he too, found himself dead. Illumina05
Grave (#3) - # 0013 ??? ??? ??? The third "official" death on our server. Alan died working on the Life & Death monument. He fell from the bridge up high and went splat on the ground below (which has since been removed. No one was around to hear his screams... Cringely
Grave (#4) - # 0055 ??? ??? ??? The fourth "official" death on our server. Alan died challenging an enderman, unprovoked. He was very overmatched with all stone gear, and quickly perished and realized the folly of his hubris. No one ever met Virgil... Virgil
Grave (#5) - # 0013 ??? ??? ??? The fifth "official" death on our server. Jimmy died fighting an enderman just outside of the cow slaughterhouse. Foolish boy... Jimmy
Grave (#6) - # 0313 ??? ??? ??? The sixth "official" death on our server. Gerad died underneath the Cursed village fighting an onslaught of enemies trying to make his way out of the cave. He thought he had made it when a mob appeared behind him, dealing the final blow and leaving Ariel to fend for herself. Gerad
Grave (#7) - # 0002 ??? ??? ??? The seventh "official" death on our server. Locke died fighting an enderman (recurring theme). He unknowingly connected stares with one in the darkness and found himself quickly overwhelmed. Clyde was there by his side to continue his legacy, but was not enough to save him... Locke
Grave (#8) - # 0090 ??? ??? ??? The eighth "official" death on our server. Phteven was the first death in the Nether world. He was careless and continued to fight pigmen for sport (and exp). Unfortunately his travel buddy, Clyde, loosed an arrow at the pigmen only for Phteven to accidentally get caught in the cross fire. With health low, Phteven ran to cover, only to be persued by pigmen and be slaughtered like the pig that he was, with an arrow still protruding from his side... Phteven